Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

Songs for Blackfoot Pathways (2018)

​Original Composition by Adele O'Dwyer

Reflecting the deeply spiritual relationship between Man and Nature, the powerful poetic imagery of First Nations poets Heather Cahoon and Victor Charlo provided the lyric foundation for this collection of songs scored for strings, piano and female voice. Drawing inspiration from the grandeur of the landscape surrounding the community of Lincoln and the historic pathway taken by many and various tribal peoples through this vast natural expanse, the four songs of the collection - Wasp, Buffalo, Eagles and Elk Thirst – strive to depict in sound messages of a people from whom we have much to learn. Written as a episodic one-movement work, the four songs flow one into the other thus creating for the listener, a journey through a continuous musical landscape.

Concert was recorded at Lincoln Community Hall on September 29, 2018. Musicians: Cullan Bryant (piano) Pan Morigan (voice) Aoise O'Dwyer(viola)Marvin Susson (violin) and Adele O'Dwyer (cello).

Education @ Sculpture in the Wild (2016)

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild education program has hosted over 700 children since it was established in 2014.The summer school program provides an in-depth opportunity for 35-50 children to engage with the natural environment and create artwork inspired by their experience.

Our Artist-in-Residence education program provides an opportunity for over 400 children from 10-12 schools in the Upper Blackfoot Valley to spend a day in the sculpture park touring the artwork, meeting working artists and responding to the natural environment by making temporary artwork using natural materials found on site. The program promotes creative thinking, appreciation for the natural environment, an understanding of the creative process and teamwork.

Sculpture in the Wild @ Vimeo

Since the launch of the International Sculpture Symposium in 2014, Sculpture in the Wild and Starrett Artists have been documenting the artist-in-residence program. We continue to edit and upload our video content as part of our education program.

Brandon Ballengee @ Sculpture in the Wild (2015)

In June 2015, Sculpture in the Wild hosted an Eco Actions Summer camp with artist and biologist Brandon Ballengee. Students participated in the 5 day camp that integrated multidisciplinary arts and science practices including visual arts, music, dance, culinary arts, geography, biology and ecology focused on local nature. As part of the summer camp the students created a naturalist journal during a field trip to the H2O Ranch. The field trip documented by Starrett Artists is featured in this film.


Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Symposium Documentary (2014)

​Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park celebrates the rich environmental, industrial and cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Valley. Sculptors have been invited to create significant site-specific works of art using the materials - natural and industrial - that are associated with the community's economic and cultural traditions. Our film documents this immense project. The 2014 sculpture symposium brought together internationally respected symposium artists Steven Siegel (USA), Jorn Ronnau (Denmark), Alan Counihan (Ireland), Jaakko Pernu (Finland) and Kevin O'Dwyer (Ireland) on site to engage with it's landscape, exploring it's historical, environmental and industrial history through contemporary art practice. Lincoln, Montana, a community nestled in the Blackfoot Valley, has been the center of rich, often times conflicting social, cultural and environmental values. Mining, logging and ranching has been the key economic factors that have sustained the community throughout its history. As the logging and mining industries have subsided over the past 25 years the community finds itself at a crossroads in both economic and cultural development. Reflecting on it's history and looking towards the future, the community has chosen contemporary art practice to act as both a creative and economic catalyst.

Montana Memory: Re-Imagining the Delaney Sawmill TeePee Burner (2014/2015)

Artist: Kevin O’Dwyer
Once so ubiquitous in Montana and the Northwest, the Tee Pee Burners were testaments of a once thriving timber industry. This iconic piece of industrial heritage has all but disappeared from the landscape and with it the cultural heritage of generations of community members. Re-Imagining the Delaney Sawmill TeePee Burner preserves one of the remaining Lincoln area landmarks and uses contemporary art practice to invoke community memories and transfer knowledge to future generations.
The “Delaney Set” was performed by Adele O’Dwyer (Cello) and Dermot Dunne (Accordion).