Casey Schachner

BPSW/University of Montana Emerging Artist

June 24 to July 14th

Variantrio Project

September 29th at 3.30pm

​TeePee Burner Concert Series

​Festival in the Wild

Craft in America: Nature

featuring Patrick Dougherty

Artist-in-Residence Program 2017

Jaakko Pernu                June 19th to July 14th

UM Emerging Artist      June 24th to July 14th

Patrick Dougherty         September 11th to 29th

Facebook                      Trip Advisor

Summer/Autumn 2017

June 17th: BPSW Community Fund raising Garage Sale

June 26th to 29th: Summer school program

June 28th: Seniors Day out at Sculpture in the Wild

​July 4th: Adele O'Dwyer  and Dermot Dunne in concert 4pm

July 15th: BPSW "Gateway" sculpture launch. Jaakko Pernu

July 15th: UM Emerging Artist sculpture launch. Casey Schachner​​

September 11th - 29th: Patrick Dougherty on site

September 18th -29th: BPSW School Education program

September 20 -22nd: Auction viewing at Montanan Steakhouse

September 22nd: Patrick Dougherty talk at  Montanan Steakhouse. 7.30pm

September 22nd: BPSW Online Fund Raising Auction

​September 23/24th: Festival in the Wild

September 23/24th:Community Weave in the Park​​  

11 am-5 pm

​September 23rd  Back Adits  4pm  Montanan Steakhouse.

September 29th: Patrick Dougherty sculpture launch 4.30pm

​Additional events and dates to follow including concerts, artist talks and education opportunities.

Patrick Dougherty

September 11th to 29th

Jaakko Pernu

June 19th to July 14th


Adele O'Dwyer and Dermot Dunne

in concert

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

TeePee Burner Concert Series

Back Adits

September 23rd at 4 pm

Montanan Steakhouse

​Main Street, Lincoln

​Festival in the Wild