The repetitive pattern of the Jackleg fencing on Baldy Mountain Ranch fascinated me since my first visit to Montana. The fencing inspired the creation of a series of sculptural line drawings that have been tipped vertically to create a tree like structure that is sited in the forest landscape. The sculpture with it's hollow branches will provide a nesting and resting area for the squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

The industrial aesthetic of the steel sculpture echo's the minning and logging tradition heritage in combination with the fence lines of the Blackfoot Valley. The sculpture is fabricated in mild steel and approximately 22 feet in height. the steel will naturally color to an orange/rust patina similiar to the Ponderosa pine bark.

Ranch + Landscape + Industrial

Montana Line Drawing (2014)

Kevin O'Dwyer (Ireland)

Sculptor/Artistic Director/Curator

​Material: Mild steel

​Height: 22 feet

O'Dwyer's artwork reflects his strong interest in ancient landscapes, industrial archaeology and architecture. His symposia installations respond to the industrial and environmental heritage of the landscape. Industrial artefacts, historical references, folklore and archival interviews are the building blocks in the development of his installations.

In 2002 O'Dwyer initiated and directed the Lough Boora International Sculpture Symposium in a disused peat harvesting site in Ireland. The sculpture symposium led to the development of Sculpture in the Parklands, a 50 acre sculpture park that has commissioned over 25 site-specific installations. O'Dwyer, as artistic director and curator from 2002 until 2011, directed the development of the arts and education programmes that won four national awards and received critical acclaim in Ireland, England, USA, China, Italy, Beliguim and the Netherlands.

O'Dwyer has had numerous solo exhibitions of his studio based work and has represented Ireland in over 40 international exhibitions. As artist-in-residence at the World Archaeology Conference (2010) he created a site-specific sculpture for University College Dublin. His work is in public and private collections including High Museum (USA), Victoria and Albert Museum (UK), National Museum of Ireland, Espace Paul Ricard (France) and Racine Museum of Art (USA).

​​website: Kevin O'Dwyer

facebook:Kevin O'Dwyer Metalsmith/Sculptor

radio: Marilu Henner Show  October 12, 2014

tv: KPAX October 2014

vimeo: Sculpture in the Wild

youtube: University College Dublin


Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

Kevin O'Dwyer's Montana Line Drawing made of industrial steel with its repeated shapes was inspired by the jackleg fences on Baldy Mountain Ranch that follow the contours of the Montana landscape with such elegiac beauty. These traces of the human presence amid soft and gracious hillsides, mountains and valleys become the source and structure for O'Dwyer's art. Designed with openings that can become potential nests for birds and squirrels in the future, Montana Line Drawing echoes the industrial past of America, and as the shadows of this sculpture fall on the land they carry the resonant echo of both fences and art. A continuity and connectedness, as well as a sense of the human component that is always in the Montana landscape, and the jackleg fence now becomes a symbol of the future reintegration with the land.John Grande, International Sculpture Magazine