Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

Education@Sculpture in the Wild

BPSW continues to deliver its on-site education program during it's July summer school and the September artist-in-residency outreach program. 

The September education outreach program provides an opportunity each year for over 350 elementary and secondary school students to spend a day in the sculpture park exploring the sculptures and landscape, meeting the artists and making a temporary work of art . Over the past 6 years we have hosted over 1,550 students from 30 schools in the Blackfoot Valley and beyond.

 US Forest Services have collaborated with BPSW to provide students with talks on wildlife, history and environmental issues that are concerns for the Blackfoot Valley. The US Forest Services are now using BPSW for the delivery of their education program to students throughout the year. BPSW encourages the use of the sculpture park by environmental, school and heritage organizations.