Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild


As an environmental artist, nature, and especially the forest, has been a very important conceptual background for my art. Picture Frame is a site specific sculpture communicating the language of nature and the language of conceptual art. the concept of the artwork evokes from the landscape of Montana. A huge picture frame allows you to assimilate the endeavour of mankind comparing it to nature.

Picture Frame (2014)

Jaakko Pernu (Finland)

​Material: Spruce/Pine

​Height: 6.8 metres  (23 feet)

Jaakko Pernu is a Finnish sculptor and environmental artist living in the city of Oulu. He has been working with natural materials since 1988 creating large-scale installations from tree branches and tree trunks found on site, expertly woven together, responding to the landscape.

Many of Pernu's works derive their inspiration from his early life, growing up in rural Eastern Finland. As a child, Pernu helped his father construct wooden boats. He observed his father's technique of manipulating wood to create sweeping elegant shapes and this is evident in his distinct environmental sculptures.

Jaakko has created many public works around Europe and Canada including Oulu Museum of Art, Kotka Sculpture Park (Korea), Arte Stella (Italy), Vancouver Convention Center (Canada), Concord Park Place (Canada) and Fortum (Moscow)

Sculpture in the Wild International Sculpture Park presents the first opportunity for Jaakko to create a site-specific sculpture in the United States.

website:Jaakko Pernu

facebook: Jaakko Pernu