Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild


Mission Statement:

Provide an environment for the creation of significant artworks, both permanent and temporary, inspired by the environmental and industrial heritage of the Blackfoot Valley while fostering an awareness and appreciation of the arts through community participation and education.

Goals and Objectives:

  • Celebrate the rich environmental and cultural heritage of the Blackfoot Valley through contemporary art practice.
  • Provide the framework for the development of a vibrant artist community thus improving the quality of life in rural Montana.
  • Provide community engagement and learning opportunities through hands-on participation and education.
  • Establish a learning and resource center that brings creativity, cultural tourism and economic vibrancy into the community.
  • Create a community identity and a “sense of place”.

Long Term Vision:

 The long term vision will promote an “all inclusive” arts program that will provide opportunities for the diverse arts practices found within the greater arts community.
The initial residency program will concentrate on site-specific sculpture installations and broaden its remit to include commissioning video artists, composers, choreographers, writers and performance artists to interpret and document this unique landscape, history and industrial heritage.

Sculpture + Landscape + Nature + Human experience