A gateway is a threshold and a passage. From one place to another, from one situation to another, from one state of mind to another, maybe from one reality to another.

After arriving at Sculpture in the Wild, experiencing the two trees sharing the same roots, were growing apart, and I felt that it would be an important visual and poetic gesture to reunite them. Thus creating a gateway, an opening into a new experience.

14 meters from the Gateway, facing the opening I placed a high chair with steps spiralling up to it. All made from the tree trunks. Opposite the gateway, and visible from the chair is now a small village with golden roofs, also carved out of the tree trunks.

On one side of the forest, nature... and you go up five steps to a seat. On the other side is a vision, a village of dreams, of art, of initiative, a Utopia, or whatever is your personal  "golden village".

If you go through the narrow gateway, you might experience a change, a small jump in your preception. If you study the quotes you might enhance that feeling. "Today start singing back you beauty" (Montana based native American poet Jennifer Green).

A Gateway of Change is an environmental art installation for the visitor to engage in - in more ways than one.

For additional information on the texts and artist inspiration please visit  A Gateway of Change

Jorn Ronnau has created site-specific, environmental sculptures in  public spaces for more than 30 years. His sculptures are in the permanent collections of Krakenmarken (Denmark), Tickon (Denmark), Sculpture in the Parklands (Ireland) and Sti for Oye (Norway) environmental sculpture parks. He has represented Denmark at the Sculpture by the Sea (Australia) public art symposiums and exhibitions since 2008.

The artist has two ongoing sculptural and conceptual projects: Winterheart and The Invisible City. His gallery work is represented in Danish and international museums and he has received numberous prizes for his experimental work with art and nature. Jorn work's primarily with wood, discovering and responding to their nature, origin and history - a chainsaw serves as his Stradivarius! Jorn is a member of the Danish Artists Society.

website: Jorn Ronnau

A Gateway of Change (2014)

Jorn Ronnau (Denmark)

Materials: Ponderosa Pine, goldleaf, stone

Height: 5 meters, Length 30 meters,

Width 10 meters

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild