Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild


Alison Stigora (USA)

Artist in Residence

September 2019

Alison Stigora is a site-specific artist specializing in sculpture and installation. Stigora creates multi-sensory experiences tailored for each site and audience, and has collaborated with architects, engineers, dancers, and lighting designers in development of her projects. She transforms quotidian materials such as cardboard, corrugated plastic, and wood into engaging sculptures and textured spaces. Stigora has also worked with glass, resin, metal, sound, and video; allowing location and concept to drive her choices of material.

Stigora is an alumna of the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and has recently completed projects at the Philadelphia International Airport, the Mojave Desert in California, Arte Sella Sculpture Park in northern Italy, and Nes Artist Residency in Iceland.